POND'S Perfect Result Multi Benefit Moisturizer SPF 18

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  • Pond's Institute introduce Pond's Perfect Result an anti-aging moisturizer that significantly improves the level of you "Skin Quality"
  • Correct Effect of Aging Skin

  • Retinol helps reduce the appearance of aging signs as well as enhances you skin elasticity
  • White Tea Extract, anti oxidant ingredient, makes you skin healthier and look younger
  • Lighten you skin from inside
  • Boost you skin radiant and reduce the appearance of freckle and dark spot with Vitamin B3
  • Enriches with Vitamin A, B5, E and F that deeply nourish you skin
  • Triple Sunscreen helps protect you skin from harmful UV rays, the main cause of darken skin and aging signs
  • Yogurt Powder makes your skin soft and smooth
  • Minimizing you pores for soft smooth skin
  • Witch Hazel Extract helps minimizing your pores


Size :  50 g.

Direction :

Apply on your face in the morning and night after clean your face

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