NIVEA Total UV Milk Vitamin Repair Body Lotion

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NIVEA Total UV Milk Vitamin Repair protects your skin’s youthful glow. With UVA/B Filter and Alpha Flavon. The UV Protection Lotion protects your skin long-lastingly.

  • Actively neutralizes the effects of UV light on your skin
  • Improves the natural structure of the skin
  • Spreads easily, quickly absorbed and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin
  • With newest innovation only NIVEA Total UV Milk Vitamin Repair 1 bottle combine both value
  • Vitamin E lotion & Double Anti-oxidant skin care nutrients found in fruits and vegetables


1. You can use this product whenever you need it
2. Gently rub then message the lotion all over your body

For better result, you should use this product after shower daily.



Ethylehexyl methoxycinnamate 1.48%, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 0.3%, Methoxydibenzoylmethane 0.3% Vitamin E Acetate 0.1%, Glucosyl Rutin+Isoquerctrin 0.05%