Pond's Flawless White Anti-Spot Intensive Whitening Serum Micro-Roller

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Pond’s Institute introduced a breakthrough in skin lightening with the New Pond’s Flawless White with GenActiv™ formula.

The range is an extensive skin lightening solution so advanced that it actually adapts to the unique needs of your skin, naturally lightens skin, and unlocks a radiant, even-toned and spot-less complexion from the source.

Completing the roster is the New Flawless White Anti-Spot Intensive Whitening Serum Micro-roller. The three precision micro-rollers allow for the deep absorption of the GenActiv™ + Alpha Lactic complex, lightening darks spots deep within the epidermis level for fairness and radiance that lasts.


Helps diminish size and intensity of dark spots


Designed for all-face usage


Non-greasy, hypo-allergenic

Direction :

Squeeze the tube and apply the triple roller directly on the area of concern in a circular motion. Gently spread excess with your fingertips. Dermatologist tested safe for use on the entire face. The circular movement gently massages the skin, increasing


Use morning and/or evening, after cleansing your skin.


  • Avoid Eye Contour
  • Store away from direct sunlight and heat
  • If irritation or rash develops, stop use and consult with a doctor.

Size : 30 ml.