MELAKLEAR Advanced Whitening Spot Corrector Serum

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  • Helps in solving dark spots problem.

  • Spots fade in 2 weeks.

  • Special with triple motion roller design to help massaging duing the nourishing, help pushing the serum into skin complexion more efficiently.

  • With only 5 mm. ball, the dose is rightly transferred to the skin.

  • New innovation of serum for dark spot and pimple mark reduction providing the lightly clear facial skin and identical skin with two-step skin peeling process helping the skin with pimple mark problem more efficiently, together with triple motion roller specially designed to is effected with dark and pimple mark to become shining lightly and smoother in 2 weeks. Clinically and Dermatological Tested. Efficient & Safe.




Overturn the bottle, gentle squeeze only 1 time releasing a bit serum. Massage directly with the roller in the dark spot and pimple mark skin area to push serum into the complexion. Clean the roller with tissue paper. Close tightly the cap. Regularly use every morning and evening. You should use this product before other products.


Size : 10 ml.