BIO-ESSENCE Tanaka White Skin Perfecting Lotion

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  • Bio-essence Tanaka White Skin White Perfecting Lotion is a Non-greasy Formula that uses Bio-engineering techniques to blend unique ingredients Tanaka bark extract, Bio Mineral Essence and Bio-Energy Fluid with other precious herbal extracts Ginseng, Lycium, and Angelicae to effectively moisturize and nourish skin, evens out skin tone and acts as a protective layer against environmental pollutants like dust and dirt.

  • It also contains Pomelo extract, which is rich in Vitamin C for effective whitening properties. With continuous use, skin becomes supple, fair and radiant from within.

Marvelous Efficacies:

  • Enriched with Tanaka bark extract for intensive whitening and moisturizing effects

  • Light and non-greasy formula, infused with herbal and mineral extracts to replenish essential nutrients for the skin.

  • Blocks out and prevents free radical damage from UV rays and environmental pollutants

  • Contains strong anti-oxidants to slow down the aging process

  • Evens out skin tone, lightens blemishes and pigmentation

  • Suitable for use both in the day and at night. Can be used as a make-up base


Size : 30 g.