NIVEA Total Age Repair Q10 Roll On

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  • NIVEA Deodorant Q10 Total Age Repair contains CoEnzyme Q10 which is an anti-wrinkle ingredient that is naturally found in human skin.

  • It supports the skin’s natural repair process, restoring skin elasticity and helps to effectively reduce the appearance and depth of wrinkles on the underarm.

  • As a result, it efficiently firms and evens out underarm skin tone leaving you with firmer, smoother underarms you’ll be proud to bare.

  • Benefits of NIVEA Deodorant Q10 Total Age Repair
    • Reduces fine lines & bumpiness
    • Firms underarm skin
    • Evens out underarm skin tone
    • 24-hour anti-perspirant protection
    • No alcohol, color or preservatives

  • Dermatologically approved.

  • Size : 50 ml.

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