NESCAFE Slimming Coffee Protect ProSlim 3 IN 1

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Nescafe Protect ProSlim is a delicate blend of coffee to thin active promoting the elimination of excess weight and protein intake.

  • The unique combination of Nescafe Protect ProSlim, gives your body of carbohydrates and dietary fiber, in addition, it is extremely rich in protein, inulin and contains very little fat.

What is an Inulin ? It is a prebiotic that :

  • Increase the absorption of minerals (especially calcium and magnesium) in the colon and decrease the loss of bone tissue.

  • Development of intestinal bacterial flora

  • Lowering blood lipids.

  • Effect on immune function

  • Protective effect against colon cancer

White beans contain the particular phaseolamin, which is an inhibitor of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that allows the transformation of starch into sugar in the intestine. This protein is effective as a dietary supplement designed to fight against excess weight.

  • Presented in packet-stick, Nescafe Protect ProSlim slips easily into your bag and accompany you throughout your breaks thinness.


Low fat coffee enhancer 67%, Inulin 18%, Coffee 11%, White Bean Extract 3%. Contains Sodium Casinate (Milk Protein).

  • Each pack (total weight 250g excluding packaging.) Contains 15 sachets (16.5g)


Diluted in cup of hot water. (150 ml.) Drink before meal (~ 20 mins)

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