MOCCONA Trio In Shape Slimming Coffee 3 IN 1

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Slimming Coffee Moccona Trio In Shape 3 IN 1 The elimination of excess weight and protein intake.

  • The unique combination of Moccona Trio In Shape, gives your body of carbohydrates and dietary fiber, in addition, it is extremely rich in protein and contains very little fat.

  • White beans contain the particular phaseolamin , which is an inhibitor of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that allows the transformation of starch into sugar in the intestine. This protein is effective as a dietary supplement designed to fight against excess weight.

  • Presented in packet-stick, Moccona Trio + In Shape fits easily into your bag and accompany you throughout your breaks.

  • Each pack (total weight 100g excluding packaging.) Contains 10 sachets (20g)


Ingredients :


Non-dairy Creamer 60%, Sugar 21%, 14% Coffee, White Bean Extract 1.7% Fiber 1.0%


Direction :

·          Diluted in cup of hot water. (150 ml.) Drink before meal (~ 20 mins)

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