FITNE 3 IN 1 Slimming Coffee plus Collagen & Vitamin C

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Enjoy drinking coffee with 3 in 1 FITNE Diet Coffee mix with Collagen and Vitamin C for your firm, bright and healthy skin.

Fitne Diet Coffee plus Collagen & Vitamin C : Collagen promotes fat and carbohydrate burning metabolism as well as strengthening and repairing skin is cells. The unique weight-control blend of Fitne Coffee also contains Vitamin C, which is a critical factor of collagen formation.

The natural weight loss properties in Fitne Diet Coffee may assist weight loss, in conjunction with a properly designed diet and exercise plan, by promoting the conversion of fat into energy.




Non-Dairy Creamer 58%, Maltodexrin 29%, Instant Coffee* 12%, Collagen Hydrolysate 0.67%, Sucralose is inclusive as sweetener. (* Caffeine).

Product 100% natural.

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