Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste

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Dentiste' has been a global leader in premium oral care solutions with its products spreading across 20 countries in 6 continents.


Dentiste' Premium Night Time Toothpaste, world's first and only natural night time toothpaste clinically proven to inhibit night time bacteria for fresh morning breath, features a proprietary blend of 14 kinds of premium natural extracts, Xylitol, CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex)  and other premium ingredients.


14 premium natural extracts are naturally anti-septic and anti-bacteria so that it provides an active protection against bacteria caused by low saliva flows and thus eliminating bad morning breath.


For even better protection, we use Xylitol, a natural sweetener that cannot be digested by bacteria therefore starving and reducing their accumulation. And to make sure that no bad morning breath is left, CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) is used to provide a passive protection against bad morning breath by effectively trapping bad breath.


The Dentiste' bacteria-eliminating mechanism works so well that 97% of Dentiste' users feel the difference within just the first night of use.


This innovative product, backed by clinical research, has raised the bar for the toothpaste market, improved people's lives and brought back the intimate moments of loving couple they once had by allowing them to stay close to each other right upon waking.