DHC MuzuMuzu Anti- Allergy Supplement

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Four natural plant-based ingredients blended to keep you healthy in any season.

This supplement was made by blending four plant extracts sure to help you in the changing seasons.  Support for sufferers of seasonal allergies.

Direction :


Take 3 capsules per day after meals.


Ingredients :

Each daily dose (3 capsules, 1350mg) contains:

Shiso oil                     360  mg   (Alpha-linolenic acid    198  mg)
Rose petal extract       210  mg   (Eugeniin .12  mg)
Shiso extract              150  mg  (Rosemarinic acid   2  mg, luteolin .5  mg)
Chinese blueberry extract (GOD polyphenol 5%)   150  mg
Stabilizers (beeswax, soy lecithin)
Casing (gelatin, glycerin)



Please do not take this supplement if you are allergic.