NIVEA Men Whitening Repair & Protect 5 IN1 SPF 15

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NIVEA For Men Whitening Repair and Protect Moisturizer with Multi White Complex formulation and SPF 15 developed specifically to cater to men’s whitening needs due to higher sun exposure tendencies.

  • Fast Absorbing Formula that:Reduces skin’s pigmentation and lightens skin discolorations within 4 weeks.


  • Protects against dark and uneven skin skin tone caused by UVA/UVB rays.


  • Prevents against premature skin aging with Vitamin E.


  • Moisturize skin with Jojoba extracts without leaving skin greasy.


5 Major Skin Benefits :

1. Whitens skin color

2. Lightens discoloration for even skin tone.

3. Delays formation of dark spots.

4. Prevents premature skin aging.

5. Smoother and healthier looking skin.

  • Dermatological tested for skin compatibility.


  • Smooth, supple and healthy looking skin.


  • Skin feel moisturized and comfortable all day.

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