FITNE Hebal Slimming Capsule

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FITNE’ Herbal Infusion is a natural herb extract and taken before bedtime serves as a laxative. Presently, many herbs are used for the preparation of laxatives, but Leaves and Pods of Senna have been considered as the best laxative agent and widely used for centuries.

FITNE’ Herbal Infusion contains senna leaves and pods, therefore, is considered the best natural ingredient in the world to have an effective laxative effect. Moreover, it can prevent cancer in the large intestine by ensuring regular and healthy digestive and excretory systems.

FITNE Herbal Capsules is a high - performance herbal supplement equipped with quadruple healthy weight - control Functions.

The 4 Effective Herbs and Herbal Extracts


Piper Nigrum  : promotes body fat and calorie burning system.

Garcinia Extract : contains high Hydroxycitic Acid (HCA) for starch and fat blocker.

Safflower Extract :
reduces bad cholesterol.

Senna Leaves Extract provides : constipation relief and promote regular colon's motion.

Benefits :

Short-term effectiveness for weight loss

No side effects or unwanted stomach stimulation , safe for long - period use

Pervent hemorrhoids and cancer in large instesines

Ingredients :


Each capsule (325 mg.) contains


Piper nigrum                     175  mg.

Senna Leaves extract         75  mg.

Safflower extract               50   mg.

Garcinia extract                 25   mg.




Take 2 capsules once a day beforebedtime as needed