BERGAMO CAVIAR High Potency Ampoule Set

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High Potency Vitamin Ampoule [Yellow],  13ml


Vitamin Ample is effective for caring for the traces of troublesome skin, uneven skin tone and elongated pores.

Vitamin C substance protects the skin that was damaged by UVA and UVB, and turns the dull skin tone is transformed into bright skin tone, increasing elasticity, which ensures smooth and clear feel. Moreover, Hyaluronic acid is contained, turning the skin moist. Moreover, functional product absorption is supported to produce better results.


High Potency Ampoule [Red], 13ml

This is the Ample of the high concentration type.  Extensive amount of vitamins included in the Caviar Extract accelerates skin cells’ activities and increases opposing power against the outside stimulation, turning the skin into increasingly energetic and vital skin.


Moreover, all types of Mineral Substances reduce the trace of skin trouble, exerting superb moisturizing effect.


Vitamin E derivative is contained, enhancing rough, dry and damaged skin, maintaining the skin smoother.



1. Organize the skin texture with the skin lotion after cleansing in the morning and at night.  Then, spread appropriate amount on the entire face and let it get absorbed.

2. Take appropriate amount of the contents of the Bergamo caviar Vitamin Ample(Yellow), and apply to the part that is dull and lack elasticity. Apply the contents of the Bergamo caviar Ample(Red) to the parts that show traces of trouble.


This is effective for making the skin elastic and for alleviating the traces of trouble.


Caviar substance is included in large quantities, supplying nutrition deep into the skin, and maintains moistness.


Avoid applying near the sensitive eye area, mouth area, and parts that are injured.


Be careful since it can change easily in an environment where there is considerable temperature change. Thus, avoid storing in room temperature after storing in refrigerator.)