MISTINE Bustofirm Breast Cream

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Mistine Bustofirm Breast Cream - A perfect formula of Biological Agents, using Placenta extract, Allantoin and etc. in the firming the cutaneous envelope of breasts. Butofirm Breast Cream is safe, easy and extremely pleasant to apply.


Specially Formulated:

To restore breast firmness in 4 weeks, results showed that the maximum effectiveness was obtained in 4 weeks of use.

To offer maximum efficacy with complete safety for all skins.




Use dialy after bath or shower, apply a small amount of cream into the palm of your hand. This quantity should be sufficient for both breasts. Gently smooth in the hand, using a circular motion, working upward towards the throat.

Follow a circular movement from the outside (armpit) to the inside right up to collarbone, avoid the nipples. The effectiveness of Bustofirm Breast Cream depends upon regularity of application, should be applied once a day during a 4-week program.



Directions :


Use everyday after shower. Applying bust cream on your breast area twice a day. gentle massage for 5-7 minutes until it is fully absorbed.


Ingredient :


Apricot kernel oil, Liposome (Centella Asiatica), Liposome (Vitamin E Acetate), Pseudocollagen, Ginseng extract, Liposome (Serum Protein, Honey Extract, Collagen), Water