LIPO 9 Super Burn Slim High Fiber (From Switzerland)

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LIPO 9 Super Burn Slim High Fiber. (3-10kgs per Month)

Dietary Supplement from Switzerland had been tested by Halal and GMP.

Did you know that most diet pills cause headaches, dry mouth, abdominal pain, nausea, restlessness and more?

With LIPO9 the only side effect you need to worry about is losing tons of weight!

LIPO9 is not only proven to work, but it is a completely natural and safe formula! You need a product that delivers results fast, that is effective, that is affordable and that is safe. How many diet pills out there can offer all of that in one box? Here's the answer... ONE! LIPO9! Each ingredient was specifically selected because of its unique benefits that make losing weight as easy as possible.


Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch.  Be sure to take with at least 12 ounces of water.

Ingredients: (1 capsule)

Oristat            120 mg.

Xinical              90 mg.

L-Carnitine     1000 mg.

Orange           500 mg.

White Kidney Bean Extract 500 mg.

Guinea, India   500 mg.

Phylium husk    500 mg.

Fruit and vegetables 500 mg.

Fiber              500 mg.

Cactus           500 mg.

Chitosan         500 mg.

CLA               500 mg.

Powerful appetite suppressant.

Helps increase the amount of fat burned by the body.

Blocks fat absorption.

Increase energy, focus and improve endurance.

Safety Information

Some individuals may experience slight headache or nausea for the first few days of taking the pill as their bodies become used to the formula, but these symptoms tend to disappear within a few days. However, if any adverse reactions are experienced, discontinue use immediately and consult your health care provider.


Additionally, women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not take Lipo9