DHC New Slim Diet Supplement

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This diet supplement is suitable for those of us who love to eat !!


Get the figure you want without having to give up any of the foods that you like!


If you...are a big eater and you enjoy larger portions,can't say no to delicious sweets or snacksoften go out for drink


This product is originally come from Japan. (100 % genuine)



1 day 4 tablets  contains:

Powdered Seaweed                        200  mg

Gymnema (Indian herb)                   120  mg
Bitter Orange extract                       40  mg
Melilot extract (Coumarin 5%)            40  mg
Peptides (Soy bean derived)              40  mg
Lecithin (Soy bean derived)               40  mg
Gutta-Percha tree extract (12x concentrate)    20  mg
Barley extract                                  20 mg


Dosage :

Take 4 tablets daily, Split up according to the amount of the meals you eat:

For example :  1 tablet before breakfast ; 1 tablet before lunch and assuming  that dinner is your larger meal then take 2 tablets before dinner.


If you have only breakfast and dinner, then take 2 tablets with each , etc.


DHC recommends you to take the tablets approximately 30 min before meals.

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