CYBELE Scagel (for Scar & Keloid)

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  • From Natural Blended Botanical Extracts

  • Reduces the appearance of skin irregularity

  • Softening and smoothening your skin.

  • Blended Botanical Ingredients

Allium Cepa 12% from Onion Bulb Extract acts as an anti-inflammatory and seems to inhibit the over production of collagen in a scar thus helps softens hardened tissue and reduce the size and redness of redness of raised scars

Centella Asiatica 10% helps to promote collagen network to become tone and rejuvenate

Tamarind and mixed fruit extracts : help remove dead skin cells, restructuring new cells.

Paper Mulberry Extract : helps balance natural skin tones.


Aloe vera Extract : contains anti-irritant and moisturizing properties


Allantion : Keratolytic effect of skin softening and rapid cell regenerator


Vitamin E : Helps promoting healthy skin

Nanohydroxyprolisilane CN : has been found to lighten and flatten scars. some researchers think that silicone helps align collagen fibers in the scar, which other thinks it might help trap moisture which can help make scars fade

Scientifically proven to treat all types of scars, reducing the appearance of Scars softening and smoothening scars for various genesis.

Convenient and easy to use, Cost effective treatment and affordable


Apply the gel onto the targeted area two times daily in the morning and night.

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