MISTINE Prolong Big Eye Waterproof Mascara

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With the new brush Twin Design for long lashes and a maximum of 150% length

Thick eyelashes by up to 5 times.

Brush the lashes on for long. The short bristles. For the lower lashes.

Innovative mascara to make your eyes the same simple round than it is to imagine. You can adjust the thickness and length of lashes, as you would with a brush technology "Twin Design".

Long hair for the eyelashes on. Increases in length. Short hair for the lower lashes. Increasing thickness. And features that you can not deny using the "Tri-proof Formula".

Up to 24 hours long (without rubbing and pulling lashes).

Anti-Sebum Proof mascara


Prevention-Smudging proof mascara powder particles fall below the eye.

Spread long and 360 lashes up to 150%.

Up to 5 times thicker eyelashes curved horns up to 120 degrees.

Ophthalmologist tested, safe for those who wear contact lenses.


Apply mascara on the lashes with long bristles on the brush to help lashes longer and spread more. To duplicate a page should brush bristles short side. Lower lashes using the short brush bristles. Close the lid tightly after use should and should not get in eyes.