LOLANE Straight Off Hair Straightening Cream (Strong Formula)

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The permanent straightening cream to straighten your hair to be beautifully and perfectly straight. Contain benefit from Conditioner, so it protects the straightened hair from being dry & damaged.


Cleanse the hair with Shampoo, don't add the conditioner & towel dry. Fill the Lolane Pixxel Straightening Cream into a non-metallic bowl

Apply the Cream with a brush, working from strand to strand (approx. 1cm wide) at a distance of approx. 5mm from the head.

Comb through just once & carefully with a large-toothed comb.

Process at room temperature for development time approx. 15-25 minutes (without heat).

After the development time has elapsed, comb through the hair once again with a large toothed comb, then rinse out thoroughly & press out any excess moisture with a towel/

Hair dried thoroughly, then apply Neutralizer carefully from strand to strand.

Comb the hair straight & allow the Neutralizer to take effect for 10 minutes.

Shampoo the hair afterwards & rinse out thoroughly


1 Box contains :

Lolane Pixxel Straightening Cream  Lolane Pixxe Neutralizer Cream

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