FINALE Detoxifier Herbal Premium Grade Shampoo

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Premium grade Shampoo

  • FINALE Hair Detoxifier Shampoo is formulated to benefit people of all ages and hair of all conditions.
  • It detoxifies the hair follicles/root, oil glands and scalp.
  • This unique formula is a very gentle formula, It helps lifting heavy metals and other toxins from the scalp and oil glands, and cleans hair follicles.
  • Contains no silicone, makes no residue on the scalp
  • Dermatological tested.


Massage a generous amount of Finale Hair Detoxifier shampoo onto wet hair. Lather and rinse well.

Gentle to use everyday

Recommended use :

Daily for swimmers; once or twice a week for ordinary build-up, and suit for sea travelers.


Dipotassium glycyrrhetinate, Ginseng extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, Pueraria mirifica extract, D-Panthenol, Swertia extract.

Size : 230 ml.