JOA CREAM PACK Facial Scrub Cleansing pack (once in 1 minute)

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Facial Scrub Cleansing pack (once in 1 minute)

The efficacy of white clay

The most fundamental effect is far-infrared ray radiated from white clay. The far-infrared ray has the photoelectric effect to descharge hazardous materials by activating physiology of cells and generating thermal energy and then, white clay with purifying and decomposing effect is used as decontaminant and detoxicant.
It prevents skin from aging and is effective to release toxic substances from body by making metabolism smooth. Its fine particles and high adsorption capacity are effective to remove body wastes and sebum and to improve skin and skin elasticity.

The efficacy of calcium

Calcium helps epidermis to continuously maintain the useful hydration function, promotes antioxidant to prevent DNA damage that would proceed to skin aging and cancer and is effective for anti-aging.
In addition, calcium is very important material for skin rejuvenation.

The main features of JOA cream pack
“At a time! For 1 minute! Scientific and environment—friendly miraculous skin effect"

01.  Brightening. Exfoliation, Blackhead, control, sebum removal, pore care, cleansing. Moisturizing, elasticity all together at the same time with one time use
02.  The calcium powder composition removes body waste and dead skin cell in pores and enhances elasticity with mineral contained in it.
03.  Q10 component protects skin exhausted by external environment and ultraviolet light.
04.  It is non-Irritating environment-friendly eco product with natural Ingredients and no preservative.

It is the product of which efficacy in removing keratin has been proved in the clinical test by Ellead Skin & Bio Research, an institute officially designated by the Food and Drug Administration.

There was improvement of skin keratin by 14.42% in the clinical test of JOA pack‘s efficacy in improving skin keratin with 22 patients.

Easy wash-
Just 1 minute investment only~

Sebum and blackhead will disappear neatly so that you will have smooth skin!

No extra time is needed.
With one time use with cleanser in the morning, Brightening all day~

How to use

01.  In case of using It every morning and evening when you wash face
Put an appropriate amount of JOA pack and foam—cleanser or soup on Your hands and use.
02.  In case of using a pack twice a week
Apply evenly an your dry face except the area of eyes and lips after wash and wash it out with lukewarm water after 5-10 minutes.


In case of using a pack once a week, apply cream pack evenly on the face and wash it our after 5~10 minutes. (2~3 times a week for nose pack)

Caution when use

01.  Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, do not rub but rinse with water.
02.  Do not apply to abnormal area such as wound. Eczema, dermatitis, etc,
03.  if there is any symptom oi the followings, stop using and consult a dermatologist Because the continuous use can worsen the symptom.
-  Red spot. Swelling, itching, irritation, etc,
-  In case that the applied area has any of the above symptoms due to direct sunlight.