FLUOCARIL 40+plus Toothpaste

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The Fluocaril 40 plus was developed using specialty knowledge in medicine as well as alternative medicine. The formula includes four different natural extracts that are specially known for their healing property as well as health benefits.


Combines with cutting edge technology in the form of “Microencapsulate Active” help to maximize the efficacy of natural extracts :


Plai and Lemongrass extract which help to prevent gum inflammation.


Centella and Guava leaf extract help against bacteria plaque and bad breath.


Potassium Nitrate 5% has clinically proven to relieve painful sensitivity.


Unique 2 Fluoride formula respects to Fluocaril's Anti Cavity technology :

Benefits: - Relieve painful sensitivity - Prevent Gum Problems, gum disease - Protect against bacterial plaque - Against Bad Breath - Enhance fresh breath

2 Fluoride action - Anti-cavity - Provide natural whiteness - Reduce stain from coffee and tea




Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.683%, Sodium Fluoride 0.0221%, Active fluoride ion 1,000 ppm %w/w, Potasium nitrate 5%, Microencapsulate active 0.32%, Guava leaf extract 0.2%, Prai 0.17%, Lemongrass 0.07%, Centella 0.2%, Hydrated silica 8%