SMOOTH E WHITE Babyface Cleasing Gel (Extra Sensitive & Whitening)

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  • Smooth E  White Babyface Gel is a Non-Ionic (NIS) gel cleanser designed to thoroughly remove impurities without causing irritation and disturbing natural skin moisture.

  • The gel is suitable for people with sensitive skin and skin that is prone to everyday impurities, daily pollution and surrounding environment.

  • Non-Ionic (NIS) formula leaves no chemical residues that may cause acne, fine lines and other related skin problems.

  • Dermatologically tested for safety. 100% oil & fragrance-free.

  • Optimum Moisturizing Complex (OMC): Especially formulated by Smooth E to restore skin moisture to the balanced level.

  • Hypo Allergenic Formula: Suitable for all skin types, even for the most delicate, sensitive skin. With regular use of Smooth E Babyface Gel, you can feel your skin cleaner, softer and smother without any drying effect and irritation.


  • Natural Vitamin E: A powerful anti-oxidant which moisturizes and improves your skin condition.

  • Alpha Arbutin inhibits skin discoloration

Direction :

Apply small amount of Smooth E Babyface Gel to moist skin. Gently massage before rinsing thoroughly with water.

With regular use of Smooth E Babyface Gel, your skin will be effectively cleanser, softer and smoother without any drying effect and irritation.